bagasse pulp plate making machine

Sugarcane Bagasse To Disposable Paper Plate Making Machine


Bagasse pulp plate making machine


1. Method of directly cooking and pulping fresh bagasse

(1) Select fresh bagasse after first-level pith removal from the sugar factory, with a moisture content of about 48% to 53%. Pile it in an outdoor material yard for 5 to 7 days without watering or fermentation, until the moisture of the bagasse is balanced. When the time comes, it can be sent for cooking.

(2) Dissolve the cooking aid in the white liquor recovered from the alkali according to the proportion to make alkali liquid, and store it in the alkali liquid tank for later use.

(3) The size of the digester and the cooking wave ratio determine the charging amount. The sugarcane channel is measured by a weighing scale and then transported to the pre-soaker through a belt conveyor. The liquid and black waves are injected into the pre-soaker to treat the bagasse. Pre-soak, mix the sado, alkali wave and black liquor in the pre-soak evenly, so that the bagasse can be fully soaked.

(4) After pre-impregnation, the bagasse, lye and black wave are sent into the digester, high-temperature steam is introduced into the digester, the cooking temperature rise curve is determined according to the production process requirements, and the cooking pressure is set according to the temperature rise curve for cooking.

(5) After the cooking is completed, the steamed slurry is sprayed through the spraying pot. After the spraying is completed, the boiler is charged for the next round of basic cooking, and the slurry is moved to the pulp washing section for four-stage countercurrent washing. Pulp, the liquid obtained from a period of pulp washing is put into the liquid tank for temporary storage, and then sent to alkali recovery and cooking for use:

(6) The washed pulp is routinely screened and bleached to obtain bleached pulp. The obtained bleached pulp can be directly transferred to the papermaking workshop for papermaking or squeezed dry with a double-wire squeezer and then taken away.

2. Process transformation

(1) The fruit pulp in the pulp washing tank of the first stage is transported away through a pump, and two pipelines are branched out at the outlet of the pump. One outlet pipeline leads to the cooking workshop for cooking; the other The exit road leads to the fruit filter machine, which sends the fruit to the reduction and recycling workshop. Each outlet pipe is equipped with a switch network door

(2) There are two wave inlet pipes at the inlet end of the pre-diffuser. Connect the incoming liquid pipes of alkali liquid and black liquid to the two wave inlet pipes respectively. The alkali liquid and black liquid are evenly injected at the inlet end of the pre-diffuser. , evenly mixed with the raw materials, and the incoming liquid channels of the alkali liquid and black wave are equipped with flow meters and accumulators.


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