Bamboo Pulp Toilet Paper Making Machine

Bamboo paper production line from bamboo to toilet paper roll.


Bamboo pulp toilet paper making machine is the general name of the complete set of equipment that makes the bamboo pulp form the paper web, including the main machine such as the headbox, the mesh part, the press part, the dryer, the calender, the paper roll machine and the transmission part, as well as the auxiliary systems such as steam, water, vacuum, lubrication and heat recovery.


Bamboo is the best raw material for papermaking besides wood, and it is suitable for making medium and high-grade paper. The fiber form and content of bamboo are very similar to the most suitable coniferous wood for papermaking. It has high cellulose content, long and strong fibers, good plasticity, and the fiber length is between hardwood and coniferous wood. It is a high-quality raw material for pulp and papermaking. With the development of science and technology and the paper industry, new technologies such as continuous cooking and chlorine-free and pollution-free bleaching have matured, which can effectively solve technical problems such as poor whiteness and fiber degree of bamboo pulp in the original pulping process, and at the same time discharge pollutants. It can also meet national control standards. Bamboo pulp can be used alone or in a reasonable ratio with wood pulp and straw pulp to produce high-quality and cheap cultural paper, household paper and packaging paper. In India, where bamboo pulping is the best, the paper industry has developed rapidly, and the largest Bamboo pulp toilet paper making machine can produce 300 tons of pulp per day.

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Bamboo pulp toilet paper is becoming the new darling of daily toilet paper because of its wide range of raw materials, good flexibility, low price and environmental protection. It has broad development prospects. The author has reasons to recommend this paper product to consumers.

During the pulping process, the bamboo fiber is slender, the cell wall is hard, and the cells are tightly interwoven, which is not conducive to beating. After the compact cell structure is softened by beating, the paper can have better strength and softness. There are usually three main ways of beating, namely: free beating, viscous beating and semi-viscous semi-free beating. The free beating is mainly based on the cutting effect, and the concentration of the pulp is low. The grinding teeth of this method have a strong cutting ability, and the fibers are easily cut off during the beating. Features such as small size and easy ink adhesion. Viscous beating is a beating method in which fibers absorb water and swell and fibrilize. In actual operation, there is semi-viscous and semi-free beating between free beating and viscous beating. Bamboo pulp fibers need to be properly divided and cut to increase the fiber bonding force, so it is suitable to use semi-viscous and semi-free beating.


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