Cardboard Tube Making Machine

This machine could make spiral cardboard paper tube. Inner diameter:30~150mm Maxi thickness:1~8mm. Length:10mm~5000mm.


Cardboard Tube Making Machine

1.Working principle of spiral cardboard paper tube making machine

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The spiral cardboard paper tube machine mainly consists of a spiral frame, a cutting device, a glue device, etc. Its working principle is to process and shape the paper through a series of processes, ultimately forming a top and bottom sealed paper tube.

Firstly, after passing through the flattening, cutting, and stitching processes of the main machine, the spiral frame rolls the paper into a cylindrical shape. Next, fix the two ends of the paper tube together by welding or using glue, and achieve sealing during the fixing process.

The cutting device is mainly used to cut and fix the length of the paper tube after it is made, in order to facilitate the next step of use and processing. The glue device is used to apply glue to the sealing area of the spiral paper tube machine, firmly fixing the two ends of the paper tube.

2.Composition of Spiral Cardboard Paper Tube Machine

The spiral paper tube machine is mainly divided into the following parts:

1. Spiral rack: used to roll paper into a cylindrical shape.

2. Glue device: used to use glue at the sealing point of the paper tube to firmly fix both ends of the paper tube.

3. Cutting device: used to cut and set the length of the paper tube after it is made.

4. Electric control system: used to control the operation and operation of the entire spiral paper tube machine.

5. Auxiliary equipment: such as flattening machines, slitting machines, sewing machines, etc.

3.Scope of application of spiral paper tube machine

Spiral paper tube machine is a widely used equipment in packaging manufacturing, textile, printing and other fields, and its scope of application includes:

1. Packaging manufacturing field: used to manufacture packaging containers such as plastic bags and cardboard boxes.

2. Textile field: used to manufacture various fiber tubes, textile machine tubes, etc.

3. Printing field: Used for manufacturing various printing machine paper tubes, thermal sensitive paper tubes, etc.

In summary, the spiral paper tube machine is an efficient, reliable, and flexible manufacturing equipment widely used in various fields.

4.Machine Parameter

Inner Diameter:20~150mm

Maxi thickness :5mm


Full Automatic.

Servo motor cutters.


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