China Manufacturing Paper Mill Plant Office Copy A4 Paper Making Machine

This machine is mainly used for making a4 paper, copy paper, writing paper,and printing paper rolls from waste paper or wood pulp etc . we can supply full line of paper making machine.


Wood pulp a4 paper roll making machine


Cultural paper refers to the writing and printing paper used to spread cultural knowledge, which is called to distinguish it from other daily papers. Mainly include: coated paper, writing paper, offset paper, light coated paper ,newsprint,and office a3,a4 ,a5 paper  etc.Cultural paper making machine could make these paper rolls from white waste paper ,old books, recycling office paper etc and wood pulp.Then cultural paper rolls could be used for making a4 size paper etc, which is widely used in office.

YIDAFA is a professional paper mill plant machinery manufacturer in China.Our cultural paper making machine is with good quality and service.Usually this machine includes steam boiler, pulp machine, culture paper roll forming machine etc.

Structural features of cultural paper machine:

1. Headbox: Open headbox is selected, which is composed of square cone tube, stepped diffuser, homogenizing roller, box body, etc. The stepped diffuser orifice distributor is a three-stage diffuser, and the upper and lower lips are made of plexiglass. The plate is made of stainless steel and the upper lip is fully and partially adjustable.

2. Fourdrinier section: The length of the net table is 18000mm. Except for the aluminum alloy drawer, the net table frame is all welded with section steel and outsourced with 1.5mm stainless steel. The wire section mainly includes breast rollers, forming plates, wipers, wet suction boxes, It is composed of vacuum suction box, vacuum couch roller, mesh drive roller, electric mesh tensioner, pneumatic corrector, constant tension mesh tensioner, cutting water needle, edge warping device, etc.

3. Press section: It adopts vacuum suction to draw paper, and consists of one vacuum press and three positive presses.

4. Drying section: Equipped with 28 φ1500mm drying cylinders, including one φ3000mm large cylinder, arrangement type: 6+6+8+1+glue sizing machine+8, driven by closed gearbox and lubricated with thin oil.

5. Transmission and control department: Adopt AC frequency conversion speed regulation divisional transmission, frequency conversion motor, hard tooth surface reducer, universal joint connection, and adopt a full digital closed-loop control system.

6. Calendering and reeling: Super calender and horizontal reeling machine are adopted.

a4 paper machine

a4 paper machine

paper mill machinery


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