Nov 22nd, 2023


Household paper refers to various types of sanitary wiping paper used to take care of individuals at home and out, including roll toilet paper, removable toilet paper, boxed toilet paper, pocket toilet paper, paper handkerchiefs, napkins, toilet paper, wipes, and kitchen paper towels.

In recent years, with the steady growth of household paper consumption in my country, consumers have put forward precise requirements for the function and quality of paper products, such as kitchen paper, baby cream paper, wet toilet paper, cotton soft wipes, disinfectant wipes and other types of paper products. New paper products are emerging one after another, bringing broad development space to the industry.

The sophistication of paper product consumption is reflected in consumers' demand for product classification. In the past, when consumers purchased paper products, they often only focused on major categories such as rolling paper and paper towels, but now they pay more attention to product features, functions and applicability. A family may have to purchase more than 10 types of paper towels to meet the individual needs of family members. Data shows that in the first week of this year’s “Double 11”, the total transaction volume of the household paper category increased by 52% year-on-year. Among them, the turnover of cotton soft towels increased by 286% year-on-year, the turnover of baby cream paper increased by 137% year-on-year, and the turnover of wet toilet paper increased by 58% year-on-year. This trend not only reflects consumers’ pursuit of exquisiteness in daily necessities, but also reflects that paper product consumption is moving towards sophistication.

The quality trend of paper product consumption is becoming increasingly obvious. When consumers purchase paper products, they will also pay more attention to the material, touch, safety and other characteristics of the product. For example, in recent years, cream paper has been often used in specific scenarios such as rhinitis, colds, sensitive skin care, and hand and mouth wiping of infants and young children because of its softness and moisturizing properties. It is especially popular among parents and people with allergies. In addition, consumers will also pay attention to whether paper products have passed environmental certification and whether they contain chemical additives to protect their own health and environmental safety.

Paper products, as the most basic necessities of life, reflect the public's pursuit of quality life. From "special paper" to the refinement of materials and functions of various types of paper towels, all of them show that paper product consumption has entered a stage of quality upgrading, bringing huge increases to the industry. Relevant companies should pay more attention to product research and development and quality control management to meet consumers' demands for high quality and refinement and improve user experience.


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