Sugarcane Bagasse Disposable Plates Machine

Sugarcane bagasse is a good raw material for making disposable paper plates.It has good fiber cellulose.Cheap ,Sustainable.



(1) Select fresh bagasse after first-level pith removal from the sugar factory, with a moisture content of about 48% to 53%. Pile it in an outdoor material yard for 5 to 7 days without watering or fermentation, 

until the moisture of the bagasse is balanced. time, it can be sent for steaming.

(2) Dissolve the cooking aid in the white liquor recovered from the alkali according to the proportion to make alkali liquid, and store it in the alkali liquid tank for later use.

(3) Determine the loading capacity according to the size of the digester and the cooking wave ratio. The cane cleanser is weighed by the floor scale and then transported to the pre-soaker through the belt conveyor. 

The alkali wave and black wave are injected into the pre-soaker to remove the residue. For pre-soaking, let the bagasse, alkali wave and black wave be mixed evenly in the pre-soaker to fully soak the bagasse.

(4) After pre-impregnation, the sugarcane liquor, alkali liquor and black wave are sent into the digester, high-temperature steam is introduced into the digester, 

the cooking temperature rise curve is determined according to the production process requirements, and the cooking pressure is set according to the temperature rise curve for cooking.

(5) After the cooking is completed, the cooked slurry is sprayed through the spray pot. After the spraying is completed, the digester is loaded for the next round of cooking. 

The slurry is moved to the pulp washing section for four stages of countercurrent washing. The black liquor obtained from slurry enters the black wave tank for temporary storage, and then is sent to alkali recovery and cooking for use;

In Total,paper pulp lunch boxes are made using plant fiber molding technology. The powder of agricultural and forestry waste such as straw, rice husk, sugarcane bagasse, bamboo, etc. is used as the main raw material (mass fraction is more than 50%), and a certain concentration of paper pulp is added with an appropriate amount of chemical aids. The agent is used in the molding machine to evenly distribute the fibers on the surface of the mold through vacuum or pressure, thereby making a wet paper mold base, which is further dehydrated and demoulded to form a disposable degradable lunch box. The lunch box tableware made of sugarcane pulp does not contain Plastic, water-resistant, oil-resistant, anti-penetration, does not produce waste water during the production process, is biodegradable and has no odor. Abandoned sugar cane boxes can be completely degraded in the soil in just 6 months. The "no makeup" is very effective, and the simplicity is not simple.



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