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Paper plate machine

Qingdao Yidafa pulp molding production line is an environmentally friendly three-dimensional papermaking technology. It directly uses plants, such as wood chips, bagasse, bamboo chips or rice straw as raw materials, to make chemical mechanical pulp. For countries without a complete pulp supply chain, there are huge economic benefits. Pulp molding and molding part, the production process is completed by adsorption molding, drying and shaping, which is harmless to the environment; it can be recycled and reused; its volume is smaller than that of foamed plastic, it can be overlapped, and the transportation is convenient. Pulp molding, in addition to being used for lunch boxes and tableware, is also used for industrial buffer packaging, and it is developing very rapidly.


 YIDAFA semi­automatic molded fiber production machine is a hybrid technological solution for the most popular machine type. Self­contained technology for forming and drying of products. Forming machine is controlled by PLC system and effusion method of pulp inlet technology ensures accurate pouring of pulp into the mold which benefits in uniform formation of products. Machine customization for different platen sizes.

◆ Features

● Suitable for manual and robotic operation In­mold drying of products

● Machine body, pulp, and water contact parts are of SS­304 Safety curtain for safety of operator

● Four pillar guided molds with precise locking mechanism Economical setup to start with lower capacity

● Dual drive ensures stable platen movement at higher speed

◆ Main specifications:


500 kgs/day

Electric heating load

90 kW


1 station

Thermal oil heating load 

0.3 kW

Hot press

2 stations

Control system

PLC with HMI

Platen size

1000*950 mm


Air­liquid booster system


Special grade alloy

Forming type


Dual heating mode

Electric & Thermal oil

Max. product height

150 mm




◆ Description

YIDAFA’s Trimming machine gives the molded fiber products a fine edge finish with dimensional accuracy. This heavy duty machine is specifically designed for longer duration operations, compatible for wide range of tableware products, and a stand­alone application. Machine customization for different platen sizes.

◆ Features

● Sensor for stroke counting and height adjustment depending upon the product's requirement Compact and sturdy design to withstand high pressure

● Precisely set molds and blades

● High pressure enables single­shot and quick cutti ng of multiple products Safety curtain for safety of operator

● Heavy duty motor, cylinder, bushes, molds and blades Easy operation

Main specifications:



Platen size

760*600 mm

Electrical load

3.7 kW

Cycle time

5­6 seconds

Max. product heigh

150 mm




◆ Features

● Ergonomic & economical design Non­corrosive special grade alloy Non­sticky surface finish

● Cutti ng­edge product geometry keeps trimming waste minimum Robust grilled underneath structure to provide strength

● Option for detachable branding attachment Precise machining and weight distribution Mold customization & fast delivery


Sr. No. ProductSize Weight (gm) Reference Photo
16 inch round plateØ153*15mm 7.5
27 inch round plateØ178*16mm 9
39inch round plateØ229*20mm 15
410inch round plateØ254*20mm 20
59 inch 3 compartment round plateØ229*20mm15
610 inch 3 compartment round plateØ254*16mm20
7Small oval plate190*253*25mm17
8Big oval plate252*317*25mm27
95 Compartments Tray213*265*26mm25
103 Compartments Tray200*236*38mm22
118 oz bowl (240 ml)Ø112*46mm 6.5
1212 oz bowl (360 ml)Ø160*38mm9
1316 oz bowl (480 ml)Ø178*40mm12
1432 oz bowl (960 ml)Ø210*66mm 25
155 oz bowl (150 ml)Ø112*41mm6
161000 ml round bowlØ180*76mm25
17600 ml clamshell136*182*68mm20
186 inch hamburger box (450 ml)155*155*77mm24
198 inch clamshell (900 ml)203*203*63mm31
208 inch 3 compartments clamshell (800 ml)203*203*63mm31
219*6*3 inch clamshell (850 ml)152 *2 28 *76 mm28
229 inch clamshell (1350 ml)228*228*63mm41
239″3 compartments clamshell (1150 ml)228*228*63mm41
242 compartments clamshell163*251*66mm32
25Cup 5 oz (140ml)φ77X53.65
26Cup 8 oz (260ml)φ80X91 8.5
27Cup 14.5 oz (430ml)φ90X10511
28Glass 250 mlφ3.4'’ X φ1.8'’ X 3.2'’8.5
29Glass 220MLφ2.9'’ X φ1.6'’ X 3.2'’7.5
3016 oz (425ml) Bowlφ105X83 12
3116 oz (425ml) Lidφ108X116

◆ Molded Fiber Products Solutions | 6 TPD Project Design

1. Raw material

2. Pulping Station

3. Forming Station

4. Trimming Station

5. Mold Station

6. Mesh Making

7. Maintenance

8. QC & Packaging

9. Finished goods

10. Thermic Fluid Heater

11. Mesh Cleaning

12. Cooling tower

13. Air Compressor System

14. Vacuum System


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