A4 Paper Machine Price

A4 Paper Making Machine Price. Automatic Paper Product Making Machinery


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A4 Paper Machine Price.

including a4 size paper cutting machine and automati a4 paper reams packaging machine.

Speed: 3 ream/min.

Labor:2 workers at least.

Total Power:about 14kw.

Workshop size:200 square meters at least.

Transporting detail:one 40ft container 

Payment terms:40% by T/T in advance as deposit, 60% by T/T before shipment.

Cutting Unit

(1) Cutting style: fix well the lower cutter and cut actively by upper cutter

(2) Cutter holder: adopts casting heavy style structure

(3) Slip bearing(2unit)

(4) Fount (2 unit)

(5) Lubricating oil can be recycled using

(6) Both upper and lower cutters adopts bar style imported balance silicic steel cutter

(7) Cutting blade (Spec.Thickness×width×Length:15×80×1150mm)

(8) Cutter position can be adjutable by hand

(9) Active transmission style: main motor transmission equipped with derailleur enable centrifugal wheel joined with connecting pole to run cutter reciprocating

(10) Main motor: by transducer speed adjusting (1unit)

(11) Transducer: (Germany Rexroth))1.5kw(1unit)

(12) Transmission: adopts gear wheel and chain wheel together structure

(13) Centrifugal wheel(2unit)

(14) Connecting pole (2unit)

(15) Slitting way: Bottom blade initiative, drive upper balde to slit.

(16) Adopts round cutters

(17) Upper cutter shaft adopts steel shaft ( 1 unit φ45 x 1500mm)

(18) Upper round cutters is made form shanghai Shenlong group (φ45 x 14.2x105mm)

(19) Bottom cutter shaft adopts steel shaft (spe. 1 unit φ55 x 1500mm)

(20) Bottom round cutter adopts shanghai shenlong cutter (φ55 x 14.2 x 80mm)

(21)  Slitting precision : ±0.2mm

A4 Paper Cutting and Wrapping Machine

A4 Paper Cutting and Wrapping Machine

A4 Paper Cutting and Wrapping Machine

A4 Paper Cutting and Wrapping Machine


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