Bagasse Pulp Biodegradable Tableware Making Machine

Bagasse, a byproduct of sugar factory, is a kind of papermaking fiber raw material with special characteristics. Sugarcane bagasse pulp is one of the best replacement for wood pulp in paper industry.



1.Bagasse pulp biodegradable tableware making machine is a complete set of advanced production equipment ,which is used to process and make pulp environmental protection tablewares andcatering utensils, thus realizing the green recycling of bagasse from waste to treasure.YIDAFA bagasse pulp  tableware production line includes chemical mechanical bagasse pulp machine and disposable tableware forming machine.


2.With the improvement of global environmental protection awareness and the establishment of national double carbon goals, plastic reduction and plastic ban have become a very clear trend. In this case, the explosive growth of degradable lunch boxes made of bagasse pulp has made the world People around the world are gratified to see that a series of plant fiber plastic replacement materials represented by bagasse are constantly developing towards the direction of environmental protection. YIDAFA tableware production line could make chemical mechanical bagasse paper pulp fiber ,which is direct used for making biodegradable tablewares.The cost of producing chemical mechanical bagasse paper pulp fiber is much cheaper than the cost of producing chemical paper pulp.

3.With the blessing of technology, bagasse, which was once regarded as "garbage", has now transformed into a hot green resource. Bagasse, also known as sugarcane pulp. The sugar content of sugarcane is about 10%, which means that the remaining 90% are non-sugar substances, which is known as bagasse. Experts believe that just a few changes to bagasse could make it an excellent compostable alternative to single-use products. As a big sugar producing country after Brazil, India's consumption of sugarcane cannot be underestimated. According to published data, in the first sugar season from 2021 to 2022, India's sugarcane production reached a record of more than 500 million tons. Of the 500 million tons of sugarcane produced, Guangsu Factory crushed 350 million tons of sugarcane, so one can imagine how much bagasse is produced. The sugarcane juice in the factory is constantly flowing, and the bagasse on the open space is wet garbage, which has already piled up into mountains. Under the layers of garbage piled up in some places, it seems to exceed the height of the Taj Mahal. How to dispose of bagasse waste? became their most difficult problem.


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