Bagasse Pulp Toilet Paper Making Machine

Bagasse pulp toilet paper making machine is a specialized industrial machine that converts bagasse pulp, a by-product of the sugarcane milling process, into toilet paper.


Sugarcane bagasse pulp paper  machine is completely the whole production line from waste paper or wood pulp ,bamboo,sugarcane bagasse,rice straw to jumbo parent tissue paper rolls.




Bagasse pulp toilet paper making machine is a specialized industrial machine that converts bagasse pulp, a by-product of the sugarcane milling process, into toilet paper. This type of machine is commonly used in the paper industry, especially in regions with an abundant supply of sugarcane, as it offers a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for toilet paper production.

The process of manufacturing toilet paper using bagasse pulp involves several steps, which are typically performed by specialized machinery:

1. Bagasse preparation: The bagasse is first processed to remove impurities and fiber bundles. It may be subjected to mechanical or chemical treatments to enhance its properties for pulp production.  

2. Pulp production: The prepared bagasse is then converted into pulp through a pulping process, such as the sulfite process or the soda pulping process. This process breaks down the bagasse fibers and separates them from other components, creating a fibrous mixture suitable for papermaking.  

3. Pulp refining: The resulting pulp is refined to improve its quality and uniformity. This step may involve processes like screening, beating, and filtering to remove impurities and adjust the fiber content.  

4. Toilet paper forming: The refined pulp is then formed into toilet paper rolls using a paper machine with specific forming and drying sections. The pulp is fed into the machine, where it is spread and formed into a continuous sheet or a series of individual sheets that are later rolled into the familiar toilet paper rolls.  

5. Toilet paper packaging: The formed toilet paper is then packaged for distribution and sale. This step typically involves wrapping the rolls in a protective covering, such as plastic or paper, and placing them in cartons or other packaging materials.

YIDAFA could offer various types of pulp and paper machines that can be adapted for bagasse pulp toilet paper production.


Toilet paper converting machine is an industrial device used to convert raw materials like paper pulp, paper webs, or rolls of paper into finished toilet paper products. The machine performs several operations, including unwinding, converting, and rewinding the raw materials, as well as applying the necessary processes to form, package, and finish the toilet paper.

Key components and processes in a toilet paper converting machine include:

1. Unwinding: The raw materials, such as paper webs or rolls, are first unwound from their supply spools or reels. The material is usually fed into the machine at a specific tension to ensure consistent and smooth operation.  

2. Converting: The paper web is then converted, or shaped, into the final form of toilet paper. This process involves passing the web through various forming and drying sections, where it is given the desired structure, thickness, and softness. The web may also be embossed, printed, or have other finishes applied during this stage.  

3. Rewinding: Once the converting process is complete, the finished toilet paper is rewound onto new spools or rolls, ready for packaging and distribution.  

4. Cutting and packaging: The rewinded toilet paper is then cut to the desired length and packaged in cartons or other packaging materials, usually with a protective wrap or film to maintain its quality and hygiene.

Toilet paper converting machines are available in various sizes, types, and configurations to cater to different production needs and output capacities. 


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