Machine To Make Toilet Tissue Paper Rolls From Bamboo


Machine To Make Toilet Tissue Paper Rolls From Bamboo


1. Bamboo collection and processing

Bamboo is a plant found in bamboo forests, and its collection and processing is the first step in bamboo papermaking. The best time to collect bamboo is during the dry bamboo season, because the moisture content of bamboo at this time is less, which can reduce the drying time during later processing. Some large-scale processing plants will directly pick short-jointed bamboos from bamboo forests, or purchase long bamboo poles from farmers, and then perform preliminary processing, such as peeling and cutting into segments.

2. Pulp making

Processing bamboo into pulping raw materials is the second step in bamboo papermaking. Processing plants usually use mechanical crushing methods to chop bamboo, and then undergo further processing, such as crushing, screening, washing and other steps, to finally obtain bamboo pulp. Bamboo pulp is the main raw material for bamboo papermaking, and the quality of pulping has a crucial impact on the quality of papermaking products.


3. Papermaking

After obtaining the bamboo pulp, the next step is to convert the bamboo pulp into paper. Large processing plants usually use continuous paper machines for papermaking operations. The basic principle is to evenly cover the slurry on the texture, use mechanical energy to forcibly fix the fibers on the paper, and complete the entire papermaking process through subsequent calendering, drying and other steps.

4. Advantages of bamboo pulp papermaking

Different from wood pulp papermaking, bamboo pulp papermaking has the characteristics of thin and short fibers and high cellulose content between fibers. Therefore, the paper produced has high strength and strong anti-aging ability. In addition, bamboo grows very quickly, and under the concept of sustainable development, using bamboo pulp to make paper is also more environmentally friendly.


Bamboo papermaking is a pulp and papermaking technology with broad prospects. Its production process is small but complete. However, it has the advantages of bamboo pulp papermaking and is one of the main directions for environmentally friendly and sustainable pulping and papermaking in the future.



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