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Kraft paper machine


Kraft paper machine equipment production line is a paper machine equipment production line specializing in the production of kraft paper, and it is one of the most common paper machines. Kraft paper machine can batch kraft paper and so on. Because kraft paper has many advantages over other paper types, it is very popular among consumers. Using the scraps of the printing factory, waste books, newspapers, waste paper boxes and wheat straw, straw, bamboo pulp, reeds, etc. as raw materials, it can produce kraft paper, corrugated paper, cardboard and other products.

During the production process of the whole set of kraft paper machine equipment, the water is recycled without generating waste water, and the discharged chemical water can be reused without external discharge. There is no need to change the equipment of the kraft paper machine, and various paper products required by the market can be produced immediately. YIDAFA kraft paper machine has multiple functions in one machine, with reasonable and practical process design, compact layout design, one-stop production line, easy production operation and management, stable mechanical performance, high safety factor, localization of equipment, high speed, low maintenance cost, suitable for Large, medium and small papermaking enterprises produce.


◆ Kraft paper machine technical parameters

Use of paper machine equipment: production of kraft paper, corrugated paper, box board paper, white board paper, liner paper, etc.

Paper output net width: 1092mm,1575mm,1880mm,2362mm, 2640mm, 3200mm, 3600mm etc.

Production speed: 40--80-180 m/min

Grams weight of paper : 80-200-350 gsm

kraft paper machine is a paper machine which can make paper by dewatering, extrusion and drying the suspended pulp. The raw materials used are: waste cartons, wood pulp pull, etc. Can produce kraft paper, shopping bag paper, food paper, fruit paper, etc. Reliable quality, stable performance, easy operation, energy saving and environmental protection, is the ideal product in papermaking machinery.

Paper Machine Design.

This paper making machine can make kraft paper from paper pulp. It includes fourdrinier dewatering forming, mechanical extrusion dehydration and drying etc. Raw materials could be Waste cartons ,waste paper edge and wood pulp board etc. It can produce high quality kraft paper or corrugated paper. This machine is good-quality, stable-working and easy to operate, which is one ideal machine in paper industry.

Technical specification of paper machine
1. Main final productKraft cardboard paper or corrugated paper etc.
2. Gram80~250g/㎡
3. Machine FormTwo wires and multi cylinder
4. Capacity100 T/d
5. Width of paper3200-3300mm
6. Design speed250m/min
7. transmission speed120-230m/min
8. Balance speed500m/min
9. Roll class balanceG2.5
10. Drying cylinder balanceG4
11. Roller of paperG1.6
12. transmission formAc motor • digital display partial frequency conversion speed drive
13. Arrangement formLeft or right.
14. track gauge4300mm
15.Large equipment No.1Drying cylinder:Ø1500mm*30
16.Large equipment No.2Overlapping network: 1)length of down-network 18000mm;2)length of up-network 6500mm



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