YDF150 Spiral Cardboard Paper Tube Making Machine

YDF150 spiral paper tube making machine Paper tube diameter 30-150(mm) Paper tube thickness 1-5(mm) Reel speed 0-25(m/min) Fixed-length model numerical control Host weight 2680kg


Paper tube diameter 30-150(mm)

Paper tube thickness1-5(mm)

Reel speed 0-25(m/min)

Fixed-length model numerical control 

Host weight 2680kg


YDF150 Two-head Multi-knife CNC Paper Core Machine

YDF150 paper tube making machine is a machine that produces paper tubes. The paper tubes produced by the paper tube machine are used in various industries, such as tubes for chemical fiber industry, tubes for film industry, tubes for printing industry, tubes for papermaking industry, tubes for leather industry, tubes for food packaging, tubes for construction industry, exhibition industry Use the tube and so on. There are also various types of paper tube machines. The most common paper tube machines are spiral paper tube machines and flat roll paper tube machines. Paper tube machines can be divided into spiral tube making machines, flat roll paper tube making machines, and pagoda-shaped paper tube making machines according to the process of rolling paper tubes.

According to different purposes, paper tube making machines can be divided into: tube cutting machine, tube rolling machine, capping machine, and precision cutting machine.

According to the degree of intelligence, the paper tube machine can be divided into: intelligent numerical control spiral paper tube making machine, program-controlled spiral paper tube making machine.

Roll tube paper layer

3-25 (layers)

Paper tube diameter

30-200 (mm)

Paper tube thickness

5-15 (mm)

The Finished Paper Tube Core Cutter Length


Production speed

0-25 (m / min)

Fixed-length mode

Light Control (Infrared)

Winding machine head

Four machine head

Cutting method

Single round knife cutting

Core mold fixed way

Flange plus tight

Glue way

Double-sided adhesive

control method


Input voltage

380V / 220V

Number of operators

1-3 people

paper tube making machine

paper tube making machine

paper core winding machine (1)

glue tank 1

paper tube making machine (116)


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